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Meet The Expert


Dr. Paul Peebles is a husband, father, grandfather and renowned Pediatrician and Pediatric Hematology-Oncologist. Having trained at Harvard’s Boston Children’s Hospital and studied under Dr. Benjamin Spock at University Hospitals (Cleveland) he has cared for tens of thousands of children and their parents since 1967 . As a researcher he has worked at the Karolinska Institute (Stockholm) and as a Senior Investigator at National Institutes of Health (Washington, DC). He is the author of many articles, some published in Nature and Science and is a member of the prestigious Society for Pediatric Research. He is currently Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at Children’s National Medical Center of George Washington University’s School of Medicine (Washington, DC) and founder and Director Emeritus of the Pediatric Care Center and Young Adult Care Center in Bethesda, Maryland. In Washingtonian magazine, his peers have elected him as “one of the area’s leading primary care physicians.” Email Paul.