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“The concepts are so real, everyday occurrences. They lead to such an enhanced self-understanding. “A great job and a great joy to read.”


Frederick Lovejoy, M.D.

William Berenberg Distinguished Professor of Pediatrics, Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School

"This book allows parents to have feelings and to know that what they are feeling is developmentally normal."  


Larrie W. Greenberg, M.D.

Director of Children's National Medical Center, Washington, DC  

"A delight!...Aimed at both parents and gives them easy access to what they can do for their child."


T. Berry Brazelton M.D.

Boston Children's Hospital  

"After reading this book, I feel that we are both better prepared for this next chapter of our lives. As first time parents-to-be, the majority of the parenting books we have come across focus primarily on the logistics of parenthood, with much less time spent addressing the impact that having a baby will have on our relationships with each other, with the baby, and with the other people in our lives. Based on real parent's experiences, [this book] gives us insights into navigating the psychological and emotional side of becoming parents."


Sommer Spellman

Wife and first-time pregnant mother-to-be

"Thank you so much for sharing [this book] with us. You address so many important issues. We especially enjoyed the parts where you address The Intruder Complex and the father's reactions to this whole introduction to parenting. It's a truly wonderful book, and a book one can't find. Most books available seem to only address the mother's nutritional needs, symptoms of pregnancy, etc. . . . Your book is truly unique and we appreciate your thoughtfulness."


Nellie and David Allnutt

First-time pregnant couple

"As a pediatrician with forty-two years in primary pediatric practice, I find this to be the best book I have read for new parents. The author describes the ups and downs parents have as they experience life with a new baby. No matter what one's mood or reaction is, readers will find information here that will convince them that they are quite normal. He even mentions that many men have morning sickness and food fads during a wife's pregnancy! Interspersed with the description of the common moods experienced by new parents, there are many important practical recommendations for caring for a new baby. I can think of no better gift for expectant couples.


The late Morris A. Wessel M.D.

Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, Yale Medical School New Haven, Conn.

"Thank you . . . It is an outstanding contribution. It provides the insights and advice that enables parents to support their child by learning how to deal with the challenges that child rearing poses to all who take on this wondrous responsibility."


Philip A. Pizzo, MD

Professor of Pediatrics, Physician-in-Chief, Children's Hospital, Boston, Harvard School of Medicine

Boston Children's Hospital  

"Dr. Peebles offers an insightful window into the challenges many of us face as we try to be the best parents we can be while simultaneously processing our own childhood experiences, our relationships with our own parents, and ever-evolving relationships with our partners. [He]offers helpful perspectives and advice for addressing these challenges in a book that is easy to read and filled with helpful, and sometimes lighthearted, anecdotes."


Ingrid Irigoyen

Wife and working mother of 4-yr-old twins &

a 4-month old