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Why Write This Series?

By drpaulpeebles, Oct 31 2017 05:28PM

Clearly many childcare and parenting guides, magazines, etc., already exist. Many people may wonder why there is a need for yet more parenting books in the world. Though I have come across countless books for parents in my many years as a doctor, I know of no others that discusses the important novel issues presented in regards to parents’ emotional development. All books before have concentrated on the child’s, and perhaps sometimes the mother’s, but NEVER the father’s emotional development. Nor have past books focused on the influence of parents’ interactions together on their own and the child’s development.

Most importantly, this series, The Psychological Survival Guide for Parents, helps parents to survive, to stay afloat, to cope and master the challenges. Other books, parent survival guides and magazines may offer advice, admonitions on what to do and not to do. Other books more often are simply descriptive, insightful narratives on child development. This book series offers concepts for coping, which can be individualized. It helps parents toward self-mastery without a preprogrammed format. It gives parents dignity. This book is for survival… and… survival with pride and fun!

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